Project Description


Miami, FL

Hiscutt & Associates Architects


HGA provided engineering services for the renovation and reconfiguration of the historic Coast Guard hangar facility located in Coconut Grove (Miami), FL, for the accommodation of the Fresh Market retail tenant. The original 18,000 s.f. structure, constructed in 1938, consisted of structural steel braced frames supporting Pratt trusses and small wide flange steel beam purlins. Years of seaside existence and neglect had taken its toll on the various structural and architectural components of the facility. HGA was tasked with making a preliminary structural condition assessment of the facility, for the purpose of general project feasibility as well as determining possible structural limitations of the facility that might preclude the proposed tenant usage. In addition to bringing the existing building shell into compliance with today’s Code criteria, the building fell within the jurisdiction of the City of Miami, Historic Environmental Preservation Board. The Historic Environmental Preservation Board’s aesthetic considerations limited the remediation and renovation options available for the strengthening of the existing facility.
Tenant criteria for the Fresh Market facility required the addition of an approximate 4,000 s.f. mezzanine to be placed between the existing mezzanines, creating a continuous mezzanine across the entire width of the building at one end. Increased column and wall loads, coupled with the poor soil/foundation conditions of the existing facility, required supplementation of the building foundations. Much of the foundation remediation was achieved through the use of helical anchors and supplemental grouted piles. Close coordination between HGA, the project Architect and the Landlord’s structural engineer provided for a seamless flow of information and completion of this intricate renovation project.