Haines, Gipson & Associates was founded by two structural engineers, serving one client, from an office in the basement of one of the founder’s home. Committed to the simple principle of “doing it the right way”, HGA’s leadership and team embody and perpetuate this same concept. The result has been continued and steady growth as HGA has expanded to include more than 20 professionals, serving more than 200 clients in 48 states, successfully managing and completing more than 15,000 projects across the civil, structural and bridge engineering landscape.

With a client-retention rate exceeding 90 percent, HGA attributes its success to four fundamental beliefs that support the founding principle of “doing it the right way.”


    Besides being successful in retaining clients, HGA works to keep its team of experienced and proven professionals. The average years of professional experience of the HGA team is nearly 20 years; their average tenure at HGA is 19 years.

    We know that every project is unique. We not only recognize these differences, we acknowledge our clients’ specific needs and provide solutions based on them.


    HGA engineers recognize and dive into the difficult situations and details up front, resolving the significant obstacles in the design phase and not in the field.


    HGA stays ahead of technology, including cutting-edge software design and production programs but believe this no substitute for experience. HGA draws from the nearly 400 years of experience of its team to solve problems with practical, resourceful solutions.


    Missing a deadline is not an option at HGA. Every employee is committed to delivering on-time, top-caliber, tested solutions and service.