Universal Alloy - Ball Ground, GA

Ball Ground, GA

Project Description:

Haines Gipson & Associates provided engineering services in helping create the 130,600 SF plan split between a Light Press Area and Warehouse Area.

Project information:    

•    Current 5-ton crane rails, columns, and foundations in the holding area for vertical heat treat metal
•    Foundations for future 60-ton crane over future heavy press. Approx. 90’ span for bridge crane
•    Foundations for future 10-ton crane over the press run out (bay extensions beyond heavy press bay)
•    Heat treat pit with rolling furnace rails
•    Roof pop-up 55’ clear heat treat area
•    Press 14
•    Press 15
•    Stretcher foundations
•    Rail foundations for two age ovens

Wakefield Beasley

Universal Alloy

General Contractor: 
Choate Construction