Hall County Trails - Phase I

Hall County, GA

Project Description:
HGA provided engineering services for a new 2.5 mile bicycle and pedestrian trail project. This $2.35M travel way extends south from the Lee Gilmer Airport, past the historic Chicopee neighborhood and along State Route 13 to Tumbling Creek Road. The project terminates with a pedestrian tunnel, placed under active SR 13, which will connect Gainesville College in a future phase. Additional boardwalk and retaining wall elements were necessary.The main feature that made this trail unique was the tunnel construction under active State Route 13. This phase of the project was given careful consideration as we determined staging operations, dealt with adjacent tight property limits, coordinated with the Georgia Department of Transportation downtown, and maintained the Concept budget. Given the staging operations to maintain service of SR 13, we will have temporary pile driven shoring that allows placement of a portion of the culvert while allowing 2 lanes to remain open above. When that portion of the culvert has been cast, cured, backfilled, and paved; we will shift the roadway atop the new construction and recreate Phase 1 on the remaining half of the culvert. The Phase 2 operation will also include required retaining walls (conventional, “special” CIP, and some soldier pile walls) as did Phase 1. Beyond the tunnel area will be some necessary boardwalk areas. At 2 creek crossings, we anticipate possibly needing a small bridge element to span between creek banks. Future Phases 2 and 3 are in the planning stages at present.

Project Budget: