Sugarloaf Parkway Extension

Gwinnett County, GA

Project Description:
The Sugarloaf Parkway extension project consists of 7 bridges.  Of the 7 bridges, 5 are roadway crossings or interchanges and 2 are stream crossings.  The project is highlighted by the New Hope Road Crossing Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI).  The SPUI is designed to aid in moving large volumes of traffic utilizing limited amounts of space. The Bridge structure is only Georgia’s 2nd SPUI and at 322’ wide x 163’ long, is also Georgia’s largest. The bridge carries 4 lanes with turning radii allowances. This project serves as a model for recycling existing materials. The excavations for Sugarloaf Parkway involved removing large amounts of rock which was discovered below the ground surface.  This material was reused as part of the final product. The rock was crushed on site, sorted into various sizes, and remixed to Gwinnett County specifications for use in the roadway structure. The savings to Gwinnett County taxpayers for new materials was substantial as well a better use of our environment.

Gwinnett County / Precision Planning Inc.

Project Budget: