King's Ridge Christian High School


Rockmart, GA
Project Description:
Haines, Gipson & Associates, Inc. provided the Structural Engineering services for a 2-story, 17,000 s.f. renovation to an existing 1970’s Rockmart High School building that has become part of the City’s New Municipal Complex. The existing structure consisted of a precast upper level sitting atop a cast-in-place concrete podium slab. The Rockmart City Police Station was relocated to the lower level before the design of this renovation commenced. All of the ensuing construction needed to be carried out while the City Police force was in operation.
The primary Structural challenges were to evaluate whether the existing elevated floors could handle Library stack loads / Assembly status, removal of a major portion of the exterior shear walls to allow light to penetrate the existing “bunker” like structure, and remove segments of the roof DT’s to allow skylights for further light enhancement in the space.   
Original Structural drawings were not available. Throughout the course of field surveys and partial destructive testing, it was determined that the existing floor was originally designed to support a mere 60 psf of live load. Structural upgrades were designed to bring the floor up to 100 psf Assembly capacity, but further strengthening added exponential cost; therefore stacking heights were limited. The existing non-reinforced masonry shear walls removed were replaced with small segments of reinforced concrete walls that adhered to today’s seismic requirements. The skylight additions were positioned between webs and near the ends of the DT’s to prevent flexural weakening.
The finished product created a well-lit space with the necessary below floor electrical / data service. The interior stacked stone accents used match local architecture including the pleasant stacked stone fireplace added on the new rear wall. Shade screens are not seen in the photo below, but were added to diminish transient heat. 
Precision Planning Inc.


Alpharetta, GA

Project Description:
Haines, Gipson & Associates, Inc. provided the Structural Engineering services for a 41,407 s.f. high school building addition to the King's Ridge Christian School Campus.  The building is located centrally and is the focal point of the campus. The building houses over 20 classrooms and accomodates approximately 300 students.  The building is keeping with the craftsman style archticture that is embodied in the existing buildings throughout the campus.  The sctructure is composed of both conventional steel and pre-engineered metal building components.  The mixture of the two different componenets required precise coordination and close attention to detail during design.  

HGA also provide structural engineering services for the +4,000 s.f. Kendrick Life Center building.  This space provides a home for College and personal guidance as well as Christian Life activities.  The building features tall end gables, dormers, and a tower element centered on the roof.

Chapman Griffin Lanier Sussenbach Architects