West Sahara, NV
Hoover, AL
Indianapolis, IN
Ontario, CA

carmax autostore program

Project Description:

Nationwide Autostore Program

Since 2001, our firm has designed over 150 automotive dealerships throughout the country. We maintain the national prototypical plans (for both civil and structural disciplines). We also perform the peer review evaluation for other engineers. Please click on the picture to see additional projects.

Featured Projects:
CarMax - Manchester, NH
CarMax - Myrtle Beach, SC
CarMax - Tyler, TX
CarMax - Renton, WA
CarMax - Langhorn, PA 
CarMax - Las Vegas Ranchero
CarMax - Waterbury, CT
CarMax - Mobile, AL       
CarMax - Palmdale, CA  
CarMax - Albany, NY
CarMax - Grand Rapids, MI  
CarMax - Puyallup, WA   
CarMax - Mapleshade, NJ
CarMax - Boise, ID
CarMax - El Paso, TX
CarMax - San Jose, CA
CarMax - Buford, GA
CarMax - Santa Rosa, CA
CarMax - Fremont, CA
CarMax - Loveland, CO       
CarMax - Fort Worth, TX   
CarMax - Reno, NV
CarMax - Tinley Park IL    
CarMax - Hoover, AL    
CarMax - Portland, OR       
CarMax - Katy, TX      
CarMax - Waldorf, MD
CarMax - Charlotte, NC   
CarMax - Jacksonville, FL        
CarMax - W. Sahara, WV        
CarMax - Louisville, KY    
CarMax - Sanford, FL
CarMax - Memphis TN    
CarMax – Indianapolis, IN        
CarMax - Laurel, MD  
CarMax - Irvine, CA        
CarMax - Ontario, CA        
CarMax - Hartford, CT        
CarMax - Independence, MO    
CarMax - East Haven, CT        
CarMax - Wichita, KS        
CarMax - Burbank, CA               
CarMax - Torrance, CA    
CarMax - Oklahoma City, OK    
CarMax - Sawmill, OH        
CarMax - Easton, OH        
CarMax - Tucson, AZ        
CarMax - Fresno, CA             
CarMax - S. Austin, TX        
CarMax - Modesto, CA        
CarMax - Waukesha, WI        
CarMax - Charlottesville, VA    
CarMax - Newport News, VA      
CarMax - Ellicott City, MD
CarMax - Roseville, CA        
CarMax - Tulsa, OK